Afternoon at Sloans Lake

Afternoon at Sloans Lake

From the Archives

A nice sunny day in Colorado on Day 6 of Thirty Days 2013. Today I headed to Sloans Lake for some afternoon light. First stop was photographing the skyline across the lake with a steady breeze blowing. Prior to leaving the lake I checked out some other areas and found some tall grasses backlit blowing in the wind. Letting the sun wash out some of the scene I photographed these with a hint of the rocky mountains in the distance prior to the sun dropping behind the mountains to end another day in Denver.

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Christmas at Wings over the Rockies in Denver

Christmas Lights at Wings over the Rockies in Denver

Recent Work

Just after the first of the year a significant snowfall came into the Denver area. With this snowfall I took advantage of photographing the B52 outside Wings of the Rockies.  This was the first year holiday lights were placed on this large aircraft.  As I arrived to the location just prior to dusk I look at some vantage points and then started photographing as it got dark, at time fighting with the heavy snow coming down right into the camera lens. This was a nice addition to the Denver holiday lights list this year and hopefully it will return in upcoming years as well.

Prints: Christmas at Wings over the Rockies

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Ninepipe NWR in Montana at Sunset

Sunset at Ninepipe NWR in Montana

Getaway Monday Image

In late summer of 2007 when I was living in Missoula, I headed to Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge in the Flathead Valley one evening. With the fires in the area that summer I didn’t know what to expect in terms of sunset but thought I would chance it at this time knowing the water levels would be lower allowing for the s-curve flow to show at the location.  The fires to the west helped add some color to the sky on this evening in the Flathead Valley.

Prints: Sunset at Ninepipe NWR

Denver Skyline in Spring

Denver Skyline from City Park in the Spring

From the Archives

Photographing and living in Denver has its benefits since I can visit the same areas over and over easily and watch them change.  On this visit to City Park I went to a familiar spot and zoomed into the city a little to capture the fresh grass of spring at the park on this spring day in Denver.

Prints: Denver Skyline in Spring

Christmas along Clear Creek in Golden

Christmas along Clear Creek in Golden

Recent Work

On Christmas in 2014 once I headed out to Golden just after the snow started falling the afternoon. Being at some friends not far from Golden I was almost there already so it seemed to be a good decision. The drive out to Golden was quite interesting as the snow was coming down fast at times with the wind blowing. Upon arriving in Golden I was treated to a fresh blanket of snow and plenty of holiday lights. As I was exploring some lights in the distance on a tree I found the bridge and later this vantage point along Clear Creek which was a great spot to capture a snowy Christmas in the Denver area.

Prints: Christmas along Clear Creek in Golden

Flying into Juneau, Alaska

Last year I spent a good amount of time in Juneau, Alaska which prompted some questions about Juneau and I tried to answer all of those.  There are three ways to get to Juneau; Boat, Air and being born there.  Flying into Juneau is not easy as highlighted on this video taken earlier this month on a clear morning during final approach out the window of the combi aircraft.

As you can see it is quite a scenic place to visit, especially in the summer.

Winter along Lake Tahoe

Winter at Lake Tahoe

Getaway Monday

A few years ago while at Lake Tahoe, I took advantage of the snow at lake level and went snowshoeing along the lake. With camera in hand I captured some images along the fresh snow.  With a lone sailboat in this location I was able to frame the image to capture this along with the blue skies and snow on this one day it was not snowing in the area.

Prints: Winter at Lake Tahoe

Frost on a Leaf

Frost on a Leaf in Juneau

As I walked down a trail in Juneau in late fall, I looked down and noticed in an area the frost still on the leaves late into the day. It was a week of cold temperatures as the lake by Mendenhall Glacier had frozen over in just a couple of days. As I slowed down to check out the area I looked for some some full leaves to photograph and capture the frost as a first sign of winter in southeast Alaska.

Prints: Frost on a Leaf

Thirty Days 2014 Results

The voting for Thirty Days 2014 has ended. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on the images.  The images receiving the most votes are as follows:

Third: Day 17 – Under the Pier
Under the Pier in Juneau


Second: Day 16 – Aurora Borealis in Juneau
Aurora Borealis in Juneau


First: Day 25 – California Sunset
California Sunset


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